Become an Authorised Reseller

Our Crypto Scratch Cards bring Crypto Currency back to real world familiarity, allowing consumers to touch them rather than become mystified about how it all works. In partnership with Prypto Merchants, by becoming a Prypto Reseller you are able to take the online world, offline.

Do you fit any of the below descriptions? If yes to any, then you are a great fit to become a Prypto Reseller.

Own a Retail Store or Outlet?

Do you own a Retail Store or Outlet and wish to sell Crypto Scartch Cards over the counter to members of the public? Our Crypto Scratch Cards give you the opportunity to allow people easy access to Crypto Currencies.

Offer a Gift Service?

Do you offer a gift service, were you would like to offer your customers the opportunity to purchase Crypto Currencies and give these away as gifts?

Already involved in selling Crypto Currencies?

Do you already sell a particular crypto currency? If yes, then you have the opportunity to be giving your customers a physical easy to use item, that brings trust.

Promote a particular Crypto Currency Coin?

Are you part of a community for a particular coin, and would like to give the opportunity to allow the public to use the services that the community has to offer? By becoming a Reseller you are able to bulk purchase Crypto Scratch Cards for your coin and distribute as you feel necessary to give your coin promotion.

Just want to sell to your family and friends?

Many people in Crypto Currencies want their family and friends to experience what Crypto Currencies offer, but find it hard to get them involved due to the technical aspects. Offering them Crypto Scratch Cards will give them easy access to try it out for themselves.

Reseller Process

  • Create a Reseller Account here.
  • Provide Identification to become verified.
  • Once verified, you can purchase and resell Prypto products.