Prypto Merchant

Our products bring Crypto Currency back to real world familiarity, allowing consumers to touch them rather than become mystified about how it all works. In partnership with Prypto Resellers, by becoming a Prypto Merchant you are able to accept an easy payment option with 0% fees*.

Do you fit any of the below descriptions? If yes to any, then you are a great fit to become a Prypto Merchant.

Do you operate an Online Retail Store?

Would you like consumers to deposit their Crypto Scratch Card balances onto your Online Store? By becoming a Prypto Merchant you can use our API to allow easy deposits for your Customers.

Do you operate an Online Gaming Platform?

Prypto offers Gaming operators an easy solution for player balance deposits using Crypto Currencies.

Do you operate an Exchange?

Allow your users to easily deposit their Crypto Scratch Cards directly onto your Exchange platform.

0% Fees*

*We currently don't charge Merchants any fees for using our service or taking payments.

Merchant Process

  • Create a Merchant Account here
  • Generate your Merchant Token to enable access to the Prypto API.
  • Use our easy Wizard that generates the HTML for you.
  • Start accepting Prypto Crypto Scratch Cards.